Mathfuns is a new scientific computing app for all, support mathematical formula editing, programming, computing and geometric sketchpad, aim to simplify complex mathematical problems and let mathematics simple beyond imagination.


  1. Support for all kinds of input
  2. Powerful formula editing ability
  3. Common operation
    • Common functions:logarithm based on 2,logarithm based on 10,natural logarithm,root,sqrt,pow,factorial,combination number
    • Relational operation:>,≥,≠,<,≤
    • Bit operation:|,^,~,&
    • Mathematical constants:Natural number,PI,Infinity,Euler-Mascheroni constant,Catalan constant,Golden ratio
    • Complex number operation:imaginary Unit,real part,imaginary part,absolute value,conjugate complex
    • Polynomials operation:simplify,collect,expand,factor,ratsimp,least common multiple,greatest common divisor,substituion
    • Trigonometric function and inverse trigonometric function
    • Hyperbolic function and inverse hyperbolic function
    • Special functions:sum,product
  4. Set operation
    • FiniteSet,interval(left close and right close),interval(left open and right open),interval(left close and right open),interval(left open and right close)
    • EmptySet,naturals set,positive integers set,integers set,reals set
    • Contain,subset,proper subset,intersection,union,complement
  5. Matrix
    • Create,determinant,rank,transposition,adjugate,inverse,eigenvalues,eigenvectors
    • Dot product,cross product
    • LUdecomposition,QRdecomposition,diagonalize
  6. Calculus
    • Taylor,gamma,zeta
    • Limit,right limit,left limit
    • Indefinite integral,definite integral
    • N-th order derivative,n-th order partial derivative
    • Fourier transform,inverse Fourier transform,Laplace transform,inverse Laplace transform,Mellin transform,inverse Mellin transform
  7. Probability and statistics
    • Maximum,minimum,sorting,mean value,variance,standard variance
    • Probability of random variable,expected value of random variable,variance of random variable,standard variance of random variable,probability density function of random variable
    • Die,binomial distribution,poisson distribution
    • Uniform distribution,exponential distribution,normal distribution,chi-squared distribution,t distribution,f distribution
  8. Solving equations
    • Algebraic equation
    • Ordinary differential equation
    • Partial differential equation
  9. Chart
    • Arrow,text,point,line,polygon,circle,ellipse,arc
    • Plot,parametric,polar,list,bar,vector,slope
    • Plot3d,parametric3d,vector3d

Photo calculator

  1. Common operation
  2. Matrix
  3. Calculus
  4. Solving equations
  5. Chart

Handwriting recognition

Step-by-step guidance

  1. Four arithmetic operation

Geometric sketchpad

  1. Basic operation
  2. Point
  3. Line
  4. Polygon
  5. Circle
  6. Measure