Exploring the beauty of Mathematics

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Strengthen the concepts and definitions learned in formula editing and calculation, and go further

Know what it is, know why it is

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There's a picture, there's a truth

Learning and analysis of function characteristics

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Independent design of geometric scene, reading and analysis, improve mathematical thinking

The beauty of Mathematics

A variety of graphic drawing contrast, mastery, take a shortcut
Calculation type
Algebra Real number, complex number, constant, power, exponent, logarithm, factorial, polynomial, trigonometric function, hyperbolic function, summation, product
Set Inclusion, subset, proper subset, intersection, union
Matrix Determinant, rank, inverse, transpose, conjugate, decomposition, eigenvalue, eigenvector
Calculus Limit, derivative, partial derivative, integral, multiple integral
Equation Algebraic equation, inequality equation, trigonometric equation, ordinary differential equation, partial differential equation
Vector Dot, cross
Statistics Maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation, variance, die, binomial distribution, poisson distribution, uniform distribution, exponential distribution, normal distribution, chi square distribution, t distribution, F distribution
Plot Points, polylines, functions, parametric equations, implicit functions, polar equations
Geometry Point, segment, line, circle, ellipse, triangle, polygon
Geometric sketchpad
Basic operation: Select,pan,delete,clear
Segment,fixed length line,ray,vector,polyline, perpendicular line,perpendicular bisector,parallel line,equal vector,angle bisector,tangent line,polar line
Polygon,regular polygon
Circle,circular arc, sector
Measure: Coordinate,equation,length,distance,angle,slope,perimeter,area,radius,arc Length
Formula edito‪r‬
Symbol Common, Greek character, Relation, Set, Matrix, Calculus, Arrow, Geometry
Collaborative office

Visual formula editing

Support keyboard, mouse and latex command input

Support for copy and paste

Support sharing latex, PNG, SVG, MathML

Cooperate with word, markdown and other document editing

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